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DR's Secret Refining Serum

DR Secret is a Dermatologist Grade Skin Care that aids in closing up open pores caused by severe acne scarring or blackheads. To close up pores, we would suggest to use DR Secret T Series Set (Cleanser, Toner, Skinlight, Skinrecon and Sunscreen) with DR Secret Refining Serum for best results.

DR Secret Refining Serum for Open Pores

DR Secret Refining Serum is an additional item that you can add on to DR Secret T Series that contains plants extracts to aid skin cell renewal to encourage regenerative tissue to heal old scars over time. DR Secret Refining Serum works better with Skinlight + Skinrecon for faster results.

Usage for DR Secret Refining Serum with T Series

DR Secret Refining Serum can be used on its own without DR Secret Set, however, the results will not be as fast compared to using it with DR Secret T Series. In addition, DR Secret Toner (T2) helps to tighten pores after cleansing step as well. It would be best to use DR Secret Refining Serum after applying Skinlight + Skinrecon at night.

DR Secret Refining Serum for Faster Results

For faster results, use about 5 pumps of DR Secret Refining Serum in the morning after Cleansing and Toner step, and 5 pumps at night after Skinlight + Skinrecon.

Do feel free to contact us to customise your skin care regime.

DR Secret Refining Serum

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