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DR's Secret Value Set (#3 - #5)

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DR's Secret for Skin Renewal - How it Works
DR's Secret is used day and night to renew the skin's complexion by removing dark spots, acne scars, aging skin and impurities on the skin. By using DR Secret skin care on a daily basis, your complexion will renew over time to reveal new skin cells below the existing skin layer.

In the day, the use of DR's Secret Sunscreen helps to prevent skin aging, pigmentation, acne, by providing a layer of protection on the skin to prevent impurities from going into the skin. DR's Secret Sunscreen prevents UVA/UVB rays from reaching the skin to prevent formation of melanin.

At night, the use of DR's Secret Skinlight T3 and T4 complements each other to lighten and renew the skin by pushing out dead skin cells like pigmentation from within the skin to reveal new skin below. It also uses natural ingredients such as Arbutin and Kojic Acid in its formulation to lighten the skin.

DR’s Secret Skinlight T3

- Skin lightening properties
- Reverse the signs of skin aging
- Lightens acne marks, dark spots and pigmentation
- Vitamin C formulation with Natural Skin Lightening Ingredients

Skin Reconditioning for Skin Cell Renewal

DR’s Secret Skinrecon T4

- Pushes out pigmentation and dark spots (impurities)
- Boost skin immunity and accelerate skin healing against old scars
- Retain skin moisture and plump up the skin (anti aging)
- Replenish the building blocks of skin cells

DR’s Secret Skin Reconditioning T4 completes the skin treatment program. It pushes out impurities on the skin surface such as pigmentation, dark spots, age spots and scar tissue to reveal new skin below. The natural formulation is gentle on the skin and suitable for all skin types.

It is a synergistic blend of multi-functional active ingredients and anti-oxidants offering exceptional skin calming properties while renewing, restoring and nourishing your skin.

Together, DR’s Secret Skinlight T3 and Skinrecon T4 work perfectly to boost your skin.

DR's Secret Premium Sunscreen

DR’s Secret Sunscreen helps prevent premature skin ageing and defend your complexion against unwanted pigmentation by providing skin protection against the damaging effects of sun UVA/UVB rays. This moisturising sunscreen also hydrates the skin to enhance cell renewal.

- Provide skin protection against the damaging effects caused by sun's UVA/UVB rays.
- Can be used as makeup base.
- Formulated with anti-oxidants to prevent premature ageing.



Apply sunscreen generously and evenly across the face 15 minutes in the morning.


Normal and Dry Skin
Mix 2 - 3 drops of Skinlight T3 with an equal amount of DR's Secret Skinrecon T4 and apply evenly over face after cleansing and toning every night. For Faster results, apply 3 - 4 drops of Skinlight T3 in the morning every alternate day. A temporary tingling sensation may be felt. If redness or dryness occurs, revert to night usage only.

Oily Skin
Apply 3 to 5 drops of Skinlight T3 gently over the face every night, especially on pigmented areas. A temporary tingling sensation may be felt. Apply again in the morning for enhanced results.

Dry and Sensitive skin
Mix with DR's Secret Skinrecon (T4) to tone down the exfoliation effects of Skinlight T3.

Skinlight 15ml, Skinrecon 30ml, Sunscreen 30ml (Full Size)

*The difference between the full set of DR Secret (#1-#5) and value pack (#3-#5) is that the full set includes #1 Cleanser and T2 Toner. If you would like the full set, please go to DR Secret Full Set (#1 - #5).

Around 3 months on daily usage.

DR's Secret Value Pack (#3 - #5)

Includes Skinlight T3, Skinrecon T4 and Sunscreen #5

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