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Is your skin making you look older than you should? Crow’s feet and loose saggy skin are tell-tale signs that your skin is losing the substance that props it up – collagen.
Collagen is a natural protein that forms 80% of the structural component in our skin, giving it its natural strength and suppleness. In other words, it is the all-important substance that ensures our skin holds up!
Do you know that our skin loses collagen as we age? Ageing and emotional stress cause skin renewal and repair functions to be less effective than before. This means that our body becomes slower in producing collagen too.
Furthermore, being exposed to the sun and pollution produce free radicals that attack and break down the collagen in our skin.
When the rate of collagen breakdown goes up while collagen production goes down, wrinkles and saggy skin start to occur.
While ageing is inevitable, the visible results of it can be dramatically reduced and slowed down. Do these 4 things right!
Never leave your skin exposed to the sun without protection. Sun protection prevents harmful UV rays (a source of free radicals) from reaching your skin, protecting your collagen and elastin against free radical attack.
Make sure to apply and reapply your sunscreen throughout the day for sufficient coverage!
As a protein macromolecule, collagen is not easily absorbed by the body. Eating fatty foods that contain collagen such as chicken skin and pig’s trotters might not increase the collagen count drastically in your body.
Try including foods that are rich in vitamins and amino acids into your diet instead. These will give the raw materials that your body needs to produce collagen.
Kale, spinach and tomatoes – contain antioxidants that help to protect collagen. Carrots and sweet potatoes – contain Vitamin A that helps restore damaged collagen.
Citrus fruits – high in Vitamin C that promotes collagen production.
White tea has also been found to protect skin proteins, especially collagen.
Can’t remember the foods to take? Go for the most direct method by consuming collagen supplements. The collagen would have been hydrolysed or be in the form of collagen peptides that are of smaller molecular size, enabling the body to absorb them easily.
Take Vitamin C supplements on a regular basis as well. It not only acts as a key antioxidant but also helps to form the amino acids required for collagen synthesis.
Go for anti-ageing serums and treatment essences that are full of Vitamin C or antioxidants. These will help to stimulate collagen production while protecting your skin against free radicals. Exfoliating regularly can also help to stimulate skin renewal and collagen production.
Revolutionary E-Factor™ peptide promotes the production of collagen and elastin to reduce fine lines while increasing skin elasticity.
Each peptide is preserved in a patented freeze-dried tab, ensuring a fresh and precise dosage with every use. Use together with activating agent AR Essence A3 for total skin renewal.
3-in-1 Vitamin C essence: Brightening, Firming, Antioxidising! C15 Essence 7 shields your skin from premature ageing and dark spots, while encouraging collagen production.

Protecting collagen starts from young.

Follow these 4 simple steps and enjoy age-defying skin!