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DRs Secret Testimonals for Dry Skin

I have always enjoyed outdoor activites such as tennis and swimming which brought about skin problems such as dryness and pigmentation.

“Despite ending all outdoor activities, my skin problems persisted. It was till my friend introduced me to DR Secret products, did my skin see an improvement. I was thrilled with the results after a month. My skin became healthier, radiant and clearer. Now I continue my outdoor sports because I’m confident that DR Secret can protect me from the harsh effects of the environment and pollution.”

Maria Theresa Dewijani, 39, Dryness and Pigmentation

For almost 15 years, I depended on make up to hide my skin problems.

“I went to several dermatologists and tried many skin treatment products without much satisfaction. Then, I discovered DR’s Secret products and after using for 6 months, the improvement on my face was like never before. It was beyond my expectations. I no longer rely on heavy make-up and I’m now a true believer towards DRs Secret effectiveness. Now, I dare to appear in public with great confidence without make up.”

Floren Sisca Della, 41, Reddish Pimples and Dull Skin

Ratna Indra Margono, 57 years old,
Dry and Un-firm

My skin was dry, un-firm, and uneven. These problems made me sad and inferior. After using DR’s Secret T Series, I experience very significant changes, my skin become moist, elastic, and firm. I am more confident with DR’ Secret T Series.

Wardiyatun, 65 years old,
Dry Skin and Wrinkles

My skin was dull, dry, flabby, and fine lines or wrinkles were visible. These conditions made me very sad. However, after using DR’s Secret T Series for about 3 months, significant changes happen on my skin. My face now is clean and crystal clear, moist, firm, and elastic. I am very happy that many people praise me.

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