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DRs Secret Testimonials for Anti Ageing

People thought I was older than my actual age.

“It was embarrassing when people constantly thought that I was older than my actual age. Unfortunately, my sagging skin problems worsen with time.
I was determined to find a skin care solution. After trying many kinds of skin care products, I chanced upon DR Secret T Series. My colleagues and friends started to ask what I had done to my skin.

It was evident that my skin regained its youthful radiance and it was as great as a facelift! T Series gave me an unexpected make over and it thrills me when people comment that I now look 10 years younger and I have found my skin care partner for life.”

Mdm Wang De Zhen, 54, Sagging skin, loss of skin elasticity

The best thing about DR’s Secret is that it transcends gender and age.

My wife was using DR’s Secret and her skin condition improved drastically. With her as the best testimony, I started to use DR’s Secret too.

After 1 month of usage, I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing results. The dark circles around my eyes was almost gone. After only two and a half months of usage, my skin appears fresher & younger. The best thing about this product is its simple usage and the suitability for men as we do not need to use powder. Its’ results are also speedy and safe that transcends gender and age.

– Herry Gaghana, 45, Uneven Skin Tone

Maria Dian Hidayat, 71 years old
Wrinkles and Dull Skin

Getting older makes my skin looks aging, wrinkles and dull. I felt very sad and unconfident with my skin condition. I started using DR’s Secret T-Series since October 2010 and love these products, because of the micro-exfoliation and if it is used according to the needs of the skin with the correct regime, results obtained are very impressive. In 3 months my skin looks firmer, smooth, and crystal clear, thus it erases the impression that I am actually 71 years old. I am very pleased and happy because my daughter who leaves in New Zealand and have not met me for a long time keeps admiring my skin and says “Mommy, you look 20 years younger now.”

Wardiyatun, 65 years old,
Dry Skin and Wrinkles

My skin was dull, dry, flabby, and fine lines or wrinkles were visible. These conditions made me very sad. However, after using DR’s Secret T Series for about 3 months, significant changes happen on my skin. My face now is clean and crystal clear, moist, firm, and elastic. I am very happy that many people praise me.

Meity Lianawaty, 61 years old,
Spots and Wrinkles

Spots and wrinkles were on my face for a long time; therefore I put on make up to conceal them. But DR’s Secret has changed my life. In only 1 month, my skin becomes clean and smooth, and it looks 10 years younger than my actual age. I am very proud of my skin now.

Tjin Lie Na, 45 years old,

Spots and premature aging made me unconfident. I always put on powder every time I step out of house to conceal this imperfection. After using DR’s Secret T Series, I felt an extraordinary change on my face. I feel confident without any powder on my face anymore because my skin is free of spots and firmer. I am very happy and blessed because I keep receiving compliments from friends, family, and my husband.

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