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DR Secret Testimonals For Acne & Scar Removal

I had severe acne and blemishes on my skin… I didn’t dare to go out.

“I tried all sorts of products and visited more than 10 famous dermatologists, spending huge amounts of money to no avail. However, things were set to change 2 weeks upon using DR’s Secret. The pimples on my face subsided tremendously.”

– Mega Lala, 21, Sudden acne outbreak

I had bad scars from acne after army and I tried using DR's Secret...

I had severe scarring from acne on my face after army…

“My face suffered from severe acne shortly after I left the army. After only 2 months of using DR’s Secret, my pimples ceased totally. Even the pimples on my neck stopped. And now, even the severe scarring on my face has improved tremendously with the continuous usage of DR’s Secret.”

– Jeremy Tan Jun Ming, 25, Severe scarring

My acne problem was plaguing me for the longest time, leading to my lack of self confidence when dealing for people at work.

However, after using DRs Seager, the acne on my face became pus-ike and were threathening to burst. The change made me panic. I was worried the products had worsen my skin condition. However, after the beautician explained it was due to the removal of dead skin cells, my worries abated and I continued with the treatment. The pus gradually abated and revealed smooth radiant complexion below. Now I shine with confidence and no longer worry about my acne problems!

Zhang Ling, 41, Acne

Arida Dewi, 28 years old,
Severe acne

I worried about my dull skin and the acnes that started to come out 3 weeks before my wedding day. After using DR’s Secret T Series, my acne dried and was clean right before the wedding day. My husband and I were amazed of my crystal clear skin on our most important day.

Savina, 17 years old,
Acne and Dry Skin

My face was full with acne, scars, and dry at the same time. I have met some doctors, but the result was my skin became very dry while acne kept coming out. As a teenager, these problems made me feel very sad and unconfident. One day my mother advised me to try on DR’s Secret T Series. I have achieved great results that I dream of by using the first set. Currently, my stubborn acne disappears, the deep scars are gone, and my skin is firmer, moist, and crystal clear. Nowadays, I am very happy with the progress on my face every time I look at the mirror. I fall in love with DR’s Secret T Series and I will keep using the products.

Fiona Amelia Wangsajaya, 27 years old,
Severe Acne

There were a lot of acne on my face and they also appeared on my neck area. After having several treatments for 6.5 years, nothing changed; I was so shy with my condition. I tried DR’s Secret T-Series on July 2010. On the fifth month, my acnes are gone therefore my face is clean and there are no inflammation anymore. I am very confident and very happy now because my husband often praises me saying I am prettier. DR’s Secret T Series products are truly amazing.

Yosefanny Waas, 37 years old
Acne dan Dull Skin

My profession as an entertainer requires me to put on thick make up, my face tended to be dull and had a lot of acne before using DR’s Secret T Series. However, I experience a lot of changes after using DR’s Secret T Series. My skin is now healthier, crystal clear, fine lines disappear, and the acne scars has also gone. Now, I feel pretty with my healthy and crystal clear skin even though without putting on any make up.

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