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These are real life testimonials on how DR’s Secret Changed their Lives!

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I had severe acne and blemishes on my skin… I didn’t dare to go out.

“I tried all sorts of products and visited more than 10 famous dermatologists, spending huge amounts of money to no avail. However, things were set to change 2 weeks upon using DR’s Secret. The pimples on my face subsided tremendously.”

– Mega Lala, 21, Sudden acne outbreak

The best thing about DR’s Secret is that it transcends gender and age.

My wife was using DR’s Secret and her skin condition improved drastically. With her as the best testimony, I started to use DR’s Secret too.

After 1 month of usage, I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing results. The dark circles around my eyes was almost gone. After only two and a half months of usage, my skin appears fresher & younger. The best thing about this product is its simple usage and the suitability for men as we do not need to use powder. Its’ results are also speedy and safe that transcends gender and age.

– Herry Gaghana, 45, Uneven Skin Tone

I had hereditary freckles and pigmentation… after using DR’s Secret…

Since I was 7 or 8 years old, I have suffered from hereditary freckles and pigmentation, just like my entire family.  When I started using DR’s Secret, I only wanted to prove to my friends that DR’s Secret cannot solve my hereditary skin problems.

However, after 3 weeks of using DR’s Secret, my pigmentation lightened. The hard laugh lines, under eye sagging underwent obvious improvement. Since using DR’s Secret, I have received many compliments about my radiant skin! DR’s Secret is truly an amazing product. It has allowed me to find my lost beauty!

Liao Qiao Yun, 47: Freckles & Pigmentation

I had ugly pigmentation on my skin…

“15 years ago, a virus attack left me blinded. When I recovered my eyesight a year later, I was horrified to find the ugly pigmentation on my face. It took only 1 month of using DR’s Secret to see an improvement. And within 9 months, my pigmentation ceased almost totally! I’m resolved to stick to DR’s Secret for life!”

– Edna See, 50 Pigmentation.

I had bad scars from acne after army and I tried using DR's Secret...

I had severe scarring from acne on my face after army…

“My face suffered from severe acne shortly after I left the army. After only 2 months of using DR’s Secret, my pimples ceased totally. Even the pimples on my neck stopped. And now, even the severe scarring on my face has improved tremendously with the continuous usage of DR’s Secret.”

– Jeremy Tan Jun Ming, 25, Severe scarring

“I saw visible improvements to my skin within one month of using DR’s Secret. My skin pores have become smaller, my skin is now soft and smooth. Even without wearing makeup, I am full of self-confidence.

– Joyce Tan, 24, Pimples and Acne Scars

“No other skin care products except DR’s Secret can give me such a youthful and radiant face. DR’s Secret is simple to use and highly effective.

– Gan Mei Peng, 53, Freckles

For almost 15 years, I depended on make up to hide my skin problems.

“I went to several dermatologists and tried many skin treatment products without much satisfaction. Then, I discovered DR’s Secret products and after using for 6 months, the improvement on my face was like never before. It was beyond my expectations. I no longer rely on heavy make-up and I’m now a true believer towards DRs Secret effectiveness. Now, I dare to appear in public with great confidence without make up.”

Floren Sisca Della, 41, Reddish Pimples and Dull Skin

I have always enjoyed outdoor activites such as tennis and swimming which brought about skin problems such as dryness and pigmentation.

“Despite ending all outdoor activities, my skin problems persisted. It was till my friend introduced me to DR Secret products, did my skin see an improvement. I was thrilled with the results after a month. My skin became healthier, radiant and clearer. Now I continue my outdoor sports because I’m confident that DR Secret can protect me from the harsh effects of the environment and pollution.”

Maria Theresa Dewijani, 39, Dryness and Pigmentation

Due to hereditary reasons, my family members suffer from serious cases of freckle problems.

“Even upon using countless skin care products, the freckle problems do not seem to improve. But thank goodness I discovered DRs Secret. Initially, I tried DRs secret with a skeptical attitude. After just one month, my freckle problems improved tremendously. The results surprised myself and those around me. I am eternally grateful to DRs Secret for helping me achieve a problem-free skin. The next to benefit will be my family members.

Chu Swee Ngor, 51, Hereditary Freckles

My acne problem was plaguing me for the longest time, leading to my lack of self confidence when dealing for people at work.

However, after using DRs Seager, the acne on my face became pus-ike and were threathening to burst. The change made me panic. I was worried the products had worsen my skin condition. However, after the beautician explained it was due to the removal of dead skin cells, my worries abated and I continued with the treatment. The pus gradually abated and revealed smooth radiant complexion below. Now I shine with confidence and no longer worry about my acne problems!

Zhang Ling, 41, Acne

People thought I was older than my actual age.
“It was embrassing when people constantly thought that I was older than my actual age. Unfortunately, my sagging skin problems worsen with time.
I was determined to find a skin care solution. After trying many kinds of skin care products, I chanced upon DR Secret T Series. My colleagues and friends started to ask what I had done to my skin.It was evident that my skin regained its youthful radiance and it was as great as a facelift! T Series gave me an unexpected make over and it thrills me when people comment that I now look 10 years younger and I have found my skin care partner for life.”Mdm Wang De Zhen, 54, Sagging skin, loss of skin elasticity