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The DR Secret Difference

What is different about DR Secret Skin Care compared to other skin care brands in the market? As a guide to discerning the quality of skin care and efficiency one should look at several factors.

1. The Duration of the Skin Care Brand

Most cosmetic companies have only recently started launching their own skin care brands in recent years. The technology required to manufacture good quality skin care is different from good quality cosmetics. A company that solely manufactures and distributes skin care has more experience than a company that focuses on cosmetics.

DR Secret has been launched since 2000, and has gone through several revisions to improve its current formulation, particularly for its T3 Skinlight and T4 Skinrecon is well known in Southeast Asia for its skin lightening properties in tropical countries. It also works to renew the skin, thus improving the complexion from acne scars, anti wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation. Its wide spread results has lead to numerous DR Secret beauty pageants, whereby contestants willingly join the pageant to share of their trans-formative experience with DR Secret in gaining their confidence and youth by restoring their complexion.

A definitive way to discern if one has been using DR Secret is the soft dewy complexion, that is radiating naturally without cosmetics. Its trademark is in giving men and women a renewed complexion with a young and fresh look.

2. Amount of Skin Care Research

To formulate a good quality skin care range, time and research has to be put into finding the right combination of ingredients that would work efficiently together in a fast, speedy way, that is mild for the skin. A good quality skin care will improve your skin’s condition over time with visible results. Averagely, skin care takes weeks to improve the skin’s condition and the result is not immediate, results usually can be seen in about 2 weeks – 1 month of daily application.

Age Arrest

Each product in the skin care range has to target a specific skin problem for the best efficiency. In the DR Secret range, there is a range of formulation for each skin type and condition. It has been tested to suit Asian and Western skin.

3. Where is it Manufactured?

The country of origin plays a huge role in the quality of the product. Skin Care manufacturing technology in the United States and Korea are well established due to the large number of dermatologists and skin care practitioners.

DR Secret is manufactured in United States and distributed world wide.

In conclusion, to find a good skin care brand that you can rely and trust over time to give results, choose a brand that focuses on their product range in delivering results over time. By using a good quality skin care product, and your skin would improve over time as you use the products on a daily basis. Our skin renews itself every 30 days and by using a good quality USA made skin care, the renewed skin will reveal itself to be more radiant and youthful as before, by removing all the impurities such as pigmentation marks and acne scars. Do feel free to leave comments to ask a question and we will be happy to help.