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If you could only choose one skin care or makeup product to put on today, what would be your pick? Lipstick? Foundation? Eye liner?
The one thing you should never neglect is actually your SPF How much do you know about sun protection? We pulled out a list of mistakes people are making so that you’ll never make them again in your own sun protection steps!
Unless you’re staying in a dark room devoid of windows, you will not be able to avoid the UV rays that seep through the window glasses. Fluorescent lighting commonly used in offices may emit high levels of UV radiation as well. Surprise, surprise.
With Mr UV lurking around every corner, do you still insist on entering the battlefield unarmed?
Many people think that the skin recovers from sun damage the moment sunburnt marks have faded.
However, recent research shows that sun damage becomes permanently lodged into our mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) though our skin may not show visible signs. Yes, permanently!
The damage accumulates over time with increased sun exposure and such mutations of mtDNA have been associated with ageing of the skin and skin cancer. In other words, our skin may face irreversible sun damage if adequate protection and sunscreen is not applied.
SPF refers to the ability of the sunscreen to block UVB rays that cause sunburns and skin cancer. A sunscreen of SPF 25 enables you to stay in the sun 25x longer than usual without burning.
Therefore, a higher SPF does not necessarily equate to a better sunscreen choice as it makes no sense for you to be under the sun for 50 hours or more. A sunscreen with very high SPF may also contain stronger substances that could irritate sensitive skin. Choosing a sunscreen that has an SPF between 15 to 30 is sufficient to meet our daily needs.
You may have seen many sun protection products in the market that claim ‘no removing required’.
However, whether you are using chemical or mineral sunscreens, they are formulated to be long-wearing and long-lasting on your skin. Without proper cleansing and removal, bits of leftover sunscreen can retain on your face, causing clogged pores and blemishes.
Just like how we don’t use body soap as a facial cleanser, body and facial sunscreens have different functions as well.
Different parts of our body require different forms of care. Although the harmful effects of UV rays are similar to our body and facial skin, our skin emits more sebum at the facial area and can be more sensitive to irritation.
Face formulas are usually tested to cause less irritation and prevent the trigger of acne. You can apply face formulas on your body, but not body formulas on your face. Body formulas will be too harsh for sensitive skin that prefer gentler options.
Go for the safe option. Using incorrect products can cause you to spend extra dollars on saving your skin.

3 different sun protection products that cater to your individual skin needs:

1. Apply liberally 10-15 minutes before you go out. If you’re going to stay outdoors for a prolonged period, apply 30 minutes before.
2. Reapply every 2 hours or immediately after swimming or excessive sweating.
3. Always apply sunscreen before putting on makeup.

This summer, you can brave the sun with fresh radiant skin!

Do you have more sun protection tricks up your sleeves? Leave a comment and share it with us!