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Are you new to DR’s Secret ? This the guide to understand more on DR Secret. 

DR's Secret T Series Set (#1 - #5)

DR Secret Dermatologist Skin Care for the Treatment of Existing Skin Conditions

DR Secret is a high quality dermatologist skin care, with an active formulation to treat existing skin conditions

– For Acne (acne, acne scars, pimples) due to oily skin type
– For Dark Spots (pigmentation, melasma, skin discolouration, freckles, hereditary freckles)
– For Anti Aging (wrinkles, sagging skin)
– For Dry Skin (flaking, peeling skin)

If you have any of the skin conditions above, or would like to improve your existing skin complexion, you should use DR Secret

DR’s Secret – Dermatologist Grade Skin Care

DR’s Secret is a dermatologist tested skin care for skin treatment to restore your skin to its former condition by removing impurities and dead skin cells from the skin to reveal new skin below. DR’s Secret is also known as DRs Seager.

DR Seager & DR Secret

DR Secret is co branded as DR Seager in Southeast Asia in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. DR Secret is the international name of DR Seager. They are the identical products with the same ingredients under different brand name. DR Seager is a famous in Southeast Asia for its skin lightening properties for hyper pigmentation, freckles and dark spots.

DR Secret – Dermatologist Skin Care Treatment

We have different types of treatment suggestions depending on your skin condition.

1. DR Secret for Skin Lightening For Pigmentation, Dark Spots, Freckles

2. DR Secret for Acne Treatment For Acne & Pimple Breakouts, Enlarged Pores, Acne Scars Removal, Blackheads,

3. DR Secret for Anti Aging For fine lines and wrinkles.

4. DR Secret for Dry Skin For dry, flaking, peeling skin.

5. DR Secret for Enlarged Pores For old acne scars, scar craters, and huge pores

6. DR Secret for Blackheads & Whiteheads Removal

For optimal results, daily usage is essential during the day and night.

Those who have completed DR Secret Treatment for more than 6 months or after achieving their desired complexion, can proceed with these two options:

1. Continue with DR Secret T Series and change to maintenance regime application steps.

After receiving your order, please watch our application step video and follow the application steps closely.

Ordering DR Secret and Aestier Online

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Disclaimer: DR Secret & Aestier are not intended to cure or treat existing medical conditions. We are not liable for the advice given. Please see your doctor if you have skin medical problems for appropriate treatment. DRs Secret is NOT recommended for eczema skin, psoriasis, silicon implant on face. Stop usage if you experience allergic reactions.

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