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DR Secret Touch (White)

All good things come in small packages. And DR’s Secret Touch is one such example! Compact and stylish, it’s your personal beautician made handy and absolutely mobile. As a skin therapy medical device with skincare penetration of up to 400%, DR’s Secret Touch reaches deep within your skin to release essential nutrients and revive youthful, luminous skin.

Developed by a practicing plastic surgeon, the multi-award winning DR’s Secret Touch performs its marvellous work through a combination of groundbreaking 3D vertical skin vibration, iontophoresis, music, magnetic and color therapy.

5 Therapeutic Functions

3D Vertical Vibration.

– More effective than hand massage action.
– Removes toxic substances of the skin.
– Stimulates blood circulation


– Produces positive and negative ions to increase penetration of skincare nutrients by up to 400%.

Magnetic Therapy

– Improves blood circulation & vitalizes skin.

Color Therapy

– Releases red and blue color energy. Red: Enhances blood circulation & skin regeneration. Blue: Soothes skin inflammation.

Music Therapy

– Enhances efficacy of skincare through music’s rhythmic vibration.
– May be plugged into any music or MP3 player.

Made with Titanium ion, DR’s Secret Touch is specially designed to suit all skin types. It features 5 modes, Cleansing, Facial, Vitamin C, Lifting and Eyezone. By simply using DR’s Secret Touch for 5 minutes daily, you’re assured of a radiant complexion like never before!

For enhanced effects
use with DR’s Secret Cleanser and C15 Essence.

*DR’s Secret Touch is certified a medical device by the Korea Food & Drug Administration and has been awarded with various design titles and medical compliance certifications.

Application Modes

Testimonials for DR Secret Touch

DR Secret Touch - For Acne Facial Massager

DR Secret Touch - Facial Massager

DR Secret Touch


After cleansing with DR’s Secret Cleanser, and DR’s Secret Toner, follow the steps below for maximum efficiency:

1. Instant Firming and Lifting for Wrinkles & Sagging Skin
– Apply two full glass tubes of DR’s Secret C15 Essence (#7), use DR’s Secret Touch to massage into skin, seal with a Moisturiser after using Touch.

– For instant lifting, apply Aestier Age Arrest (mix one tablet with a vital), use DR’s Secret Touch to massage into skin, seal with Moisturiser to lock in the nutrients.

– For eye area, apply Aestier Activist Eye Cream around the eye area, use DR’s Secret Touch to massage into skin gently around the eye zone, seal with a Moisturiser to complete.

2. Instant Hydration for Dry Skin
– Apply DR’s Secret Q10 Gold Mask, after removing Gold Mask, use DR’s Secret Touch to absorb nutrients into the skin with a gentle massage.
– Apply DR’s Secret Moisturiser to seal the moisture into the skin after using Touch.

3. Increase Blood Circulation
– Apply on targeted areas on the body to increase blood circulation

4. Reduce Acne and Enlarged Pores
– Apply DR’s Secret Pimple Spot Serum (1 vital) before massaging with Touch. Use daily till desired complexion is achieved. Use twice a week after to maintain complexion.

– Apply DR’s Secret Refining Serum (4 pumps) before massaging with Touch. Use daily till enlarged pores close up. Use twice a week after to maintain complexion.

5. Enhance Skin Lightening and Lighten Eye Bags
– For uneven skin tone, dark spots, and pigmentation, use DR’s Secret Skinlight (1 vital) and DR’s Secret Skinrecon (6 pumps) separately to be applied on the whole face. Use DR’s Secret Touch to massage nutrients into the skin, focusing on darker areas for enhanced skin lightening effect.

– For eye area, use Aestier Activist Eye Cream to lighten eye bags

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