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DRs Seager is the Malay name for DRs Secret (English). They are both the same products. DRs Seager is the name used in Malaysia and Indonesia.

For example, such as:

DRs Seager Cleanser – DRs Secret Cleanser

DRs Seager Toner – DRs Secret Toner

DRs Seager Skinlight #3 – DRs Secret Skinlight T3 (popular)

DRs Seager Skinrecon #4 – DRs Secret Skinrecon T4 (popular)

DRs Seager Sunscreen – DRs Secret Sunscreen

DRs Seager

DR Seager is a famous skin care in South East Asia for its skin lightening properties.It is a high quality dermatologist skin care manufactured in USA.

DRs Seager and DRs Secret is a dermatologist grade skin care that is effective in solving skin problems with its revolutionary skin care technology using vitamins and minerals. DRs Seager means Dermatology Revolution. DRs Seager is manufactured in the United States using the latest dermatological advancements of skin science and distributed worldwide.

DRs Seager is popular in tropical countries in Malaysia and Indonesia for its skin lightening properties. Due to the tropical climate, pigmentation is common. DRs Seagar is effective in lightening the skin with its unique blend of natural lightening ingredients.

We had been delivering DRs Seagar successfully to rural areas of Indonesia, Malaysia and all parts of the world with our 100% guaranteed delivery policy.

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