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Why DR’s Secret/DRs Seager is the

Skincare that Truly Transforms People

Written by DR Doreen Tan, DR Secret Founder.

DR Doreen Tan, DR Secret Founder

“As I travel across the region, I never cease to be amazed when women
(and yes, men too) share stories of their beautiful transformations by using and rediscovering the secret in DR’s Secret.

“Are you among those who have been missing out on this great transformation? Let me reveal the secret to you!”

“It’s an EXTRA-Ordinary Skincare”

DR Secret Skincare

There are countless “skincare” products in the market. But it is hard to match DR’s Secret/DRs Seager abilities in troubleshooting skin problems and transforming complexions.

Since its launch in 2002, DR’s Secret/DRs Seager’s formulas have focused on functionality and efficacy. DR’s Secret/DRs Seager’s range of extraordinary skincare products have shown to turn skin problems around. The results speak volumes.

1) DR’s Secret is Corrective
By targeting skin concerns, , it improves the condition of problem skin with marked difference.

2) DR’s Secret is Preventive
It understands that building the foundation of skin health is important. It shields the skin against potential problems.

3) The Formulations are Highly Effective.

With correct usage, you will experience amazing results.

4) DR’s Secret is Safe
As its various natural ingredients work in harmony with the body’s natural mechanisms.

DR Secret T Series Program

DR's Secret T Series Program

T Series regulates skin cells metabolism, speeding it up and
activating cell renewal in a natural, gentle manner. It stimulates
microexfoliation and enhances blood circulation. It does not simply speedily
suppress problems. Instead, it works with your skin’s natural renewal cycles and rhythms to provide stable and long-term solutions.

Surely Safe
It stimulates your skin to work itself, going along a safe and natural way.
At the same time, it provides extra nutrients to nourish and strengthen the
skin for healthy cells. Only healthy cells can deliver normal functions and work
for you in the longer run.

It also delivers preventive actions to defend and shield the skin
against potential problems. It works with your skin to take care of your skin,
making sure your skin benefits from using these products.

The Beautiful New You Revealed
“With the blend of powerful active ingredients, T Series helps you
achieve a fairer skin tone, a crystal-clear glow and great-looking, healthy skin.
The unique crystal-clear glow and aura are brought out when the flat
and dull kerazlinized skin cells are exfoliated and the healthy cells are
replenished with nutrients and plumpled!”

DR’s Secret Skin Renewal is all about Healthy Microexfoliation

DRs Secret Miraglo Face

What makes skin look dull?

As skin cells move from the dermis to the epidermis over the course
of their life cycle, they gradually die, and this causes

the skin’s surface to appear rough and dull.

Removing these dead skin cells enhances cell renewal rate,
it allows light to bounce off plump, healthy cells,

resulting in a glowing complexion.

Exfoliation should never be done in a manner that injures the skin.

With DR’s Secret/DRs Seager, this microexfoliation is done
through a synergistic approach.

Each exfoliant in DR’s Secret/DRs Seager plays a different role.

Fruit Extracts
Natural kiwi and grapefruit extracts in DR’s Secret/DRs Seager
stimulate microexfoliation of the surface layers to smoothen the
skin texture. The refined microexfoliation gets rid of all the
unwanted problems and cell-renewal barrier in a gentle, safe
way. Horse Chestnut Extract. The seeds of the horse chestnut
contain an active ingredient known as aescin, which in clinical
studies, has been reported to promote blood circulation. The
nutrient transportation and metabolism rates are hence enhanced to
achieve youthful and healthy skin conditions.

Lightening Skin From Within

DR's Secret Skinlight (T3) 15 ml

For pigmentation problems, it is not enough to merely erase existing
spots. An effective skin-lightening product should stablise the skin’s
synthesis of melanin from within. Only then will your pigmentation
problem get a real and lasting solution.

Kojic Acid
Kojic Acid was discovered as a natural product derived from mushroom
in Japan. It is widely consumed in the Japanese diet, as it is
of benefit to health. It lightens pigment spots and skin
discoloration, while inhibiting the enzyme activity of
tyresinase, which is the enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of the
skin pigment melanin.


DRs Secret C15 Essence (#7) 15ml

In our body, natural cellular processes lead to formation of free
radicals. They in turn react with DNA, proteins, and cell surface
molecules, causing direct cell damage. The production of free
radicals increases with age, while our body’s ability to neutralize
the reactive radicals decreases. This imbalance leads to progressive
cell damage and accelerated aging.

Externally, free radicals are generated by UV radiation, resulting in
oxidative damage to cellular components and DNA, which in turn accelerates
aging and even contributes to skin cancers.

Since the skin can easily be overwhelmed by free-radical-induced oxidative
stress, ensuring broad-spectrum antioxidant protection is crucial in
fighting skin aging.


Idebenone is closely related to CoQ10 in its structure. Just as
CoQ10, Idebenone is a powerful antioxidant. Since Idebenone is a
smaller molecule than CoQ10, it is better suited to penetrating
the skin. It protects the skin from free radical damage through
its potent antioxidant effects. It also supports mitochrondrial
energy production to counter act skin aging.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is essential for synthesis of collagen. Topical
Vitamin C stimulates the skin’s cells to increase production of
collagen to boost skin elasticity. As a powerful and effective
antioxidant, Vitamin C when applied to the skin, forms a barrier
to protect the skin from free radicals in the environment, and
the topical absorption of Vitamin C protects the skin cells
from inside out.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is our first-line defence against oxidative stress.
Topical use of vitamin E can help maximise its concentration
in the skin and support the physiological mechanisms that restore
a healthy skin surface.


Aestier - Eye Cream

As our skin cells age, our skin renewal rates slow down. Aged
and damaged cells may lose their various normal biological functions.
Only healthy and strong cells can work for our skin in the longer
run to keep it youthful-looking and energetic.


Glucans are involved in the activation of the body’s natural
defense mechanisms and in the acceleration of the skin’s wound
healing processes. CM-Glucan enhances the renewal rate of the stratum
corneum. It synergises skin repair and improves skin functions.


DR Secret for Dry/Dehydrated Skin

A hydrated stratum corneum is the key to healthy skin and attractive
appearance. When this layer is hydrated, shredding of keratinised
calls happens naturally. On the contrary, in the absence of water,
the skin can be thickened, dry, rough and scaly.
In addition, our modern lifestyles expose us to air-conditioning for
long durations. Our skin can suffer from serious water loss.

Natoo Bean Extract – y – PGA

y-PGA is extracted from the Japanese superflood Natto. It is a
remarkably potent hydrating compound that is ten times more
hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid. It enhances the skin’s natural
moisturising capabilities and locks in moisture, giving you softer,
and more supple skin.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Sodium Hyaluronate is the salt of Hyalluronic Acid and it has a much
lower molecular size that allows it to penetrate skin when applied

topically. It is able to hold more than 1000 times its weight in water.
This hydrating property makes it an excellent moisturing ingredient
that not only hydrates the skin, but limits the skin’s water loss.

Cucumber Extract & Aloe Vera Extract
Tons of polysaccharides are contained in cucumber and aloe vera
extracts. These polysaccharides hydrate and soothe the skin.

“Training you cells to do its job requires patience, much like
bringing up a child. When you begin right with DR’s Secret/DRs Seager,
you cannot go wrong, your skin, strengthened, nourished and renewed,
will begin to heal itself.”

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