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You could be investing loads on skin care and faithfully following your regime day and night, but your skin is still not showing any signs of improvement. Why?!
Many people know the importance of cleansing, but not many would add 2 minutes into their busy schedule to exfoliate. However, these extra minutes could make your skin look brighter and help your skin care products work better!
Exfoliation simply refers to the removal of dead skin cells on our skin. Exfoliating regularly brings loads of skin benefits when done right.
Our skin goes through a renewal cycle that allows new skin cells to replace dead cells. As we age, the skin renewal process slows down — our body is slower to shed old cells and generate new ones. Over time, these dead cells pile up, resulting in skin that appears uneven and dull, and could even cause clogged pores.

When you exfoliate, you are sloughing off the dead skin cells to uncover fresh new cells on top, revealing smooth glowing skin.

With the barrier of dead skin cells removed, your moisturiser and serums are able to penetrate deeply into the skin. Your skin can better absorb the nutrients in your skin care products, causing them to work better for you!
An exfoliating cloth made of patented ultrafine microfibers, Miraglo is 50-100 times thinner than human hair! Its thin fibres act like a magnet, slotting in between the spaces in our dead skin cells to remove dead cells and impurities with gentleness and precision.

It is non-abrasive, has no down time, easy to use and works like a charm.

1. Create loads of bubble with your cleanser and lather on your face.
(Best paired with DR’s Secret Cleanser 1!)
2. Rub in slow gentle circular motion or upward lifting strokes for firmer-looking skin.
3. Rinse face with water.
4. Wash Miraglo lightly with soap and water and hang to dry. Replace every 2 months.

With regular exfoliation, you will begin to see and feel the difference!