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Where is DRs Secret Made In?

DRs Secret believes in finding highest quality ingredients from around the world to bring you the best formulation for your skin care needs. Our unique formulation of ingredients in our products are top secret, for it only contains the best plant extraction methods to bring you the highest quality ingredients in its unique blend of formulations.

Made in USA

DRs Secret Cleanser, Toner, Skinlight, Skinrecon, Sunscreen, Moisturiser, C15 Essence, Spot Serum

Made in Korea

DRs Secret Touch, Activist Eye Cream, Refining Serum

Made in Hong Kong

DRs Secret Q10 Collagen Gold Mask

Made in France

Miraglo Face Exfoliation Cloth

Why can’t I find DRs Secret in retail outlets?

DRs Secret is a dermatologist grade skin care range and is only available through direct distribution. It is similar to hair saloons carrying premium hair treatment products. Retail outlets market mass produced products to fit the general market. As a result, the quality of ingredients used in the products are lower and milder.

At DR Secret, we believe in using the highest quality ingredients with the latest plant extraction technology for maximum purity. By distributing our products directly to the customers, we ensure high quality control with our products.

What is the products shelf life?

3 years. As we do not use preservatives in our products, we recommend not to place the products under sunlight or high heat.