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Many mistakenly believe that anti-ageing skin care only begins after the age of 25.
They fail to realise the truth that without appropriate skin care, ageing becomes an irreversible process once our skin starts to age. Don’t sigh in regret when those fine lines and saggy skin start to leave their marks. Pre-emption can begin early.
With environmental aggressors and stress accelerating the effects of time on your skin, your skin might have already started to show symptoms of ‘ageing’.
But, it’s not too late!
Start now by prepping your skin with the nutrients ready to defend against the ravage of time. With the right products, you could still win the war against premature ageing.
Hold it up, avoid those lines, stop the clock. Here we give you 4 skin care essentials to help you rescue your youth!
To combat ageing effectively, your anti-ageing creams need to contain loads of antioxidants.
You may think that time is responsible for ageing, but free radicals are actually the real culprits.
Antioxidants in your skin care products will help to suppress and counter the ravage of free radicals that speed up the ageing process on your skin.
We all know very well that the skin around our eye area is most delicate. Coupled with frequent rubbing of our eyes and facial expressions, the skin around the eye area is usually more dry than other parts of the face. Therefore, we must never neglect to provide this delicate area with proper care!
Cream-based products are usually more heavy and contain more moisturising actives. This allows them to form a layer of nourishment on our skin surface. Essences, on the other hand, are concentrated active ingredients that allows for faster absorption by the skin.
While external skin care provides targeted nourishment for obvious skin improvement effects, inner nourishment through the body ensures all-rounded care and strengthens the foundation of our overall health.
It’s not too late to defend against the marks of time.

With proper care and the right ingredients, you too can rescue youth and keep skin looking young!