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DR Secret – Dermatologist Skin Care Affiliate Program

Hi, I am Angelina. My love for DRs Secret have allowed me to build a sustainable business by working from home. I am able to spend time with my family and friends meaningfully with a flexible schedule. This is the beauty of this business.

How did I do it? Today, I will share my secret.

You too, can have this freedom. Imagine a life that you always wanted to have – to travel around the world, to spend more time with your family, to be free of financial worries. This is all possible with technology.

How can I automate my income using DRs Secret?

It is possible to earn a passive income from referring your loved ones to use our products, and when they refer their friends, you earn more. We offer commission at 5% for the first level of friends you refer to, and subsequently, when they refer their friends, we offer an additional 2.5% commission.

For example:

Nancy refers her friend, Daisy to use DR’s Secret.
Nancy emails Daisy her affiliate link.
Daisy purchases a DRs Secret for US$250 from the website.

Nancy receives an email for her commission of 5% (US$12.50)

That is not all, if your affiliate performance hits a combined sales average of US$3000, we will automatically upgrade your account for up to 15% commission.

This means that for every customer that purchases $250 worth:

$250 x 15% commission x 4 repeat orders = US$150 per customer
US$150 x 20 customers = $3000 commission payout yearly.

It is easy to do what you love!

It is easy to simply refer your friends after using DR’s Secret, as they are able to observe the improvements on your skin! Simply share with your friends on your experience with using  DR’s Secret, and let the money flow.

We will take care of the sales process, and you do not have to think about commuting to the office, or the hassle of packing the products or any headaches. All you have to do is to share your experiences sincerely with your loved ones.

How can I start referring my friends?

Simply sign up here:

Go to -> Affiliate Tools

To refer your friends using email -> Choose Email or Articles
To refer your friends using blogs -> Choose Banners

Remember to put your affiliate link below the advertisements.
(so that your customers can be tracked)

Have fun and do feel free to drop us any questions and we will be happy to help.