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DR's Secret Toner (T2) 118 ml

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Product Description:

For Pigmentation, Acne, Open Pores and Uneven Tone

Infused with botanical extracts that are beneficial for skin’s health, this hydrating and comforting formula strengthens the skin and restores the pH balance to optimize the benefits of the next skincare step.

Alcohol-free, Toner T2 is suitable for all skin types and will not cause skin irritation or dryness. T2 Toner compliments the other products in the T Series as it adjusts skin’s pH to the optimal level best suited to the T Series programme.

Toner T2 contains botanical extracts, γ – PGA, Sodium Hyaluronate and CM-Glucan. Together, they improve blood circulation, even out skin tone, regulate skin sebum secretion, soothe and hydrate skin.

Complementing the effects of Skinlight T3 and Skinrecon T4, Toner T2 achieves skin brightening and anti-aging effects while strengthening and soothing it from within.

- Balances skin’s pH to enable better absorption of Skinlight T3 and Skinrecon T4
- A hydrating and soothing formula that moisturizes the skin while toning
- Keeps skin moisturised and prevents skin aging

1) Natoo Bean Extract - y - PGA
y-PGA is extracted from the Japanese superflood Natto. It is a remarkably potent hydrating compound that is ten times more hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid. It enhances the skin’s natural moisturising capabilities and locks in moisture, giving you softer, and more supple skin.

2) Sodium Hyaluronate
Sodium Hyaluronate is the salt of Hyalluronic Acid and it has a much lower molecular size that allows it to penetrate skin when applied topically. It is able to hold more than 1000 times its weight in water.

This hydrating property makes it an excellent moisturing ingredient that not only hydrates the skin, but limits the skin’s water loss.

3) CM-Glucan
Glucans are involved in the activation of the body’s natural defense mechanisms and in the acceleration of the skin’s wound healing processes. CM-Glucan enhances the renewal rate of the stratum corneum. It synergises skin repair and improves skin functions.

4 Oz / 118 ml

Around 3 months, to be applied twice a day - day and night.

To be used with DR's Secret Skinlight (T3) and DR's Secret Skinrecon (T4)

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