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Avance Vitamin C (30 tablets)

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Product Description:

Enhanced Natural Peach-Flavoured formula gentler on the stomach

Key Benefits
•Supports the body's immunity and enhances recovery process
•Helps to maintain healthy gums and teeth
•Improves collagen synthesis and tissue repair for a healthy complexion
•Aids in iron absorption and production of red blood cells

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin and a powerful antioxidant.
It is found naturally in fruits and vegetables, in particular, citrus fruits.

However, our modern diets make it a challenge for us to consume enough of these to get the recommended Vitamin C our bodies require.
In addition, over consumption of citrus fruits could result in mild gastrointestinal discomfort.
Our body can neither produce nor store Vitamin C, hence a daily, regular supply, at the adequate amounts, is essential with assisting our body in keeping its important functions running at an optimum.

Product Description
Immune-boosting properties

Vitamin C’s numerous benefits are remarkable and well-known. Vitamin C plays an important role in boosting your body’s immune functions to fight minor infections and prevent against the common cold, flu and cough.

Vitamin C’s critical role in maintenance of connective tissues and wound healing

Regular intake will also help to improve collagen synthesis, which in turn benefits our connective tissues such as cartilage, muscles, tendons and ligaments. In addition, continual replenishment of collagen restores our skin,bringing about a healthy complexion. Vitamin C also speeds up the wound healing process, through quicker tissue repair.

Moreover, lack of Vitamin C can result in brittle bones and recent studies have shown that a higher Vitamin C intake is associated with reduced bone density loss.

Keeping your teeth, gums and absorption of iron optimal with Vitamin C
In addition, Vitamin C is essential for building up healthy gums and teeth and aids in the absorption of iron, which is a critical nutrient for red blood cell production.
Specially formulated Vitamin C supplement – Powerful benefits but is gentle on your stomach
Traditional Vitamin C supplements could cause varying levels of gastrointestinal discomfort. Taking this into consideration, we have specifically formulated our Vitamin C supplement with different forms of Vitamin C, namely a mix of ascorbic acid and its ascorbate form. It is also formulated with a delicious peach flavour.
While this formula is gentler and less irritating on the stomach, its beneficial effects remain uncompromised. Each tablet of our Vitamin C supplement provides our bodies with 500mg of Vitamin C, equivalent to 10 fresh oranges!

Active Ingredients
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid + Sodium Ascorbate)

Directions & Enhanced Effects

To be taken after meals. Chew thoroughly or suck before swallowing.
Adults: 1-2 tablets daily.
Children: Half a tablet daily.

For Enhanced Effects: To further support your body’s natural resistance, take with Natural Chewable Zinc, PhosChol 565 and One-Plus-a-Day.
For further support for youthful skin, take with Collagen Plus.
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