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Avance Dors (30 capsules)

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Product Description:

Based on an Imperial Health Formula!

Key Benefits
•Maintains harmonious balance of internal system
•Helps nourish our core organs
•Revitalises body functions and boost energy flow
•Supports natural resistance and well being
•Improves circulation from within
•Facilitates quicker clearance of bio-wastes and toxins

Holistic approach to good health through Traditional Chinese Medicine

For centuries, the Art of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been a well-kept secret. Thankfully, modernisation has allowed us to become increasingly aware of the benefits that TCM offers.

Taking a holistic approach to healing, this method emphasises a harmonious balance of our internal system. Only when our vital organs’ achieve a balance of yin and yang, can we then enjoy good health.

Additionally, an effective flow of ‘Qi’ (Energy) and ‘Xue’ (Blood) in our Meridians is necessary to ensure circulation in our body is kept optimal.

Product Description
DORS is the acronym for Dynastic Organs Revitaliser System, an ancient imperial herbal formula.
Restorative properties of DORS – Regaining strength and vitality
With its strong restorative properties, DORS is highly effective for individuals who have a weaker constitution, or for those who are looking to make progress in recovery of their health.

Through DORS’ ability to nourish our core organs, our body functions can be revitalised and our energy flows will gain an improved boost. Hence, DORS is essential in the process of helping us regain strength and vitality!

Maintenance of internal balance for good health

DORS is also suitable to be taken on a regular basis for maintenance of body functions in healthy individuals.

Due to our busy modern lifestyle and increasing levels of stress, our internal system often fails to achieve a healthy balance. DORS’ helps maintain our internal system in a harmonious balance, supporting our natural resistance and well-being. This makes us less prone to illness and diseases.

Enhances circulation within Meridians
Based on the fundamentals of TCM, Meridians are invisible channels through which our body carries energy to every organ and system.

Stress and unhealthy eating habits hamper the flow of energy throughout these channels. Additionally, our sedentary lifestyles lack sufficient exercise, resulting in less than satisfactory blood and nutrient circulation. DORS enhances internal circulation, hence keeping an upbeat flow of energy and beneficial nutrients through our Meridian channels.

Quicker clearance of bio-wastes and toxins

An improved internal circulation with DORS facilitates the quicker clearance of toxins and bio-wastes that have accumulated in our body. This leaves us feeling cleansed and refreshed.

Potent herbal formula packed into a convenient capsule
Brewing herbs can be a tedious affair, and improper boiling methods can damage the valuable active ingredients found in the herbs. In addition, these herbal brews often have a strong bitter taste. Hence, consuming herbal brews on a regular basis might not be a feasible option. DORS has its potent herbal formula conveniently packed into capsule form. Modern production techniques concentrate the herbal extracts, ensuring that the full spectrum of valuable ingredients are obtained. With this unique combination of ancient Eastern herbs and Western technology, DORS brings to us the very best from imperial times.

Active Ingredients
DORS Radix Ginseng (Panax Ginseng), Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis, Radix Curcurmae, Radix Angelicae Sinesis, Rhizoma Atractylodes Macrocephalae, Stigma Croci, Cordyceps Extract, Grape Seed Extract

Directions & Enhanced Effects

Take 1-3 tablets daily after meals. You are strongly advised to drink plenty of water to facilitate the clearance of toxins.

For Enhanced Effects
To improve vitality and circulatory health, take with Natural Chewable Zinc.
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