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Avance Broculin (10 sachets)

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Product Description:

Boost Cell Health with the Natural Antioxidant and Cell Protector from Premium Broccoli Seed Extract!

Key Benefits
Fights free radicals, pollutants and toxins with long-lasting antioxidant actions Increases fibre mass that aids smooth bowel movement Improves digestive health with fully nourished colon cells and abundant healthy gut bacteria
Promotes calcium absorption, improving bone health Enhances the feeling of satiety, reducing energy intake Supports body’s natural resistance and general well-being

Cellular health is the main determinant for a healthy body

Cells are fundamental units of life. The human body is composed of trillions of cells. Cellular health is the main determinant for a healthy body.

However, nowadays, toxins, including chemicals and pollutants are all around us! They are in our air, food, water, drugs – almost everywhere! By triggering oxidative stress in the cells, toxins can cause inflammation, cell damage and even cell death.

When our cells are damaged, the functioning of our body tissues and organs will become compromised, resulting in a host of health conditions, diseases or even an increased risk of cancer.

SGS, the Broccoli secret that makes it a Superfood!

Broccoli is well known to be healthy. But what is it that makes it a Superfood?

In 1992, scientists at Johns Hopkins unlocked the secret! The scientists identified SGS (Sulforaphane Glucosinolate, also known as Glucoraphanin) as an important phytonutrient in broccoli that makes it a Superfood.

When consumed, SGS is converted in our body into Sulforaphane, a Powerful Antioxidant and Cell Protector! Sulforaphane has been proven to boost our body’s protective systems which do not normally work at full capacity. In this mechanism, SGS helps combat free radicals, pollutants and toxins, protecting our body cells and DNA from damage.

Product Description
Broculin uses carefully selected Broccoli Seeds that contain more than 12 times higher SGS content than raw matured broccoli

To identify the richest SGS sources among fruits and vegetables, the scientists at Johns Hopkins surveyed the fruit and vegetable kingdom and discovered that broccoli contained the highest levels of SGS.

However, the amount varies tremendously from one broccoli plant to another with no way for consumers to tell how much SGS is in the broccoli they buy.

Cooking broccoli can also destroy up to 90% of SGS. When the broccoli is no longer bright green and crunchy, you are likely to be cooking this Superfood into a not-so-super meal!

Broculin uses carefully selected Broccoli Seeds that contain a concentrated, consistent and meaningful level of SGS. The Broccoli Seeds used has been shown to contain more than 12 times higher SGS content* than raw matured broccoli.

With the exceptional high SGS content, each serving of Broculin gives an equivalent amount of more than 200g of raw broccoli!

Directions & Enhanced Effects

Take 1 stick daily. Mix in 150-200ml of warm water or your favourite beverages such as milk or fruit juice. Stir while pouring to dissolve well.

For Enhanced Effects
To further improves your digestive health, take with Avance BifiMax To further support body’s natural resistance, take with ImmuGain.
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