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DR Secret and DRs Seager Questions and Answers

  • The views expressed here are by an independent distributor ( and not the official website.

DR Secret and DRs Seager Dermatologist Skin Care

DR Secret is a dermatologist skin care treatment series, which uses plant extracts to treat existing skin conditions such as acne scars, pigmentation, dry skin and wrinkles to restore the skin to its former condition. It uses the latest dermatological advancements in its unique formulation of natural ingredients.

DR Secret (english name) is also known as DRs Seager (malay name) and they use the same ingredients

What is Dermatologist Skin Care?

Dermatologist skin care is a high quality skin care that uses dermatological grade ingredients in its formulation to actively treat the skin. It treats common skin problems like: acne, pigmentation, dry skin and sagging skin. The formulation works by renewing skin cells by removing dead skin cells to promote skin healing and regeneration.

Q: Who is DRs Secret and DRs Seager suited for?

DR Secret is suitable for all skin types (including European skin type) for both males and females. It is recommended to be used from 18 years old onward. For below 18 years old, we recommend not to use T3 Skinlight and T4 Skinrecon.

Our basic skin care (#1 – #5) is recommended for starters. In addition, depending on your skin condition, you can choose from our enhancement series (#6 – #10) to treat your skin.

Who and Why should I use Dermatologist Skin Care?

If you have an existing skin condition you would like to treat, dermatologist skin care is recommended to improve your skin condition till your desired complexion is achieved.

Dermatologist skin care is also effective in maintaining your desired complexion after treatment.

What is the difference between Dermatologist Skin Care and other skin care?

The difference is that normal skin care brands are for the mass market, for mild and normal skin types for regular daily usage for normal skin. For dermatologist skin care, it is for the treatment of existing skin problems such as acne and pigmentation. It is active in skin treatment and works by renewing skin cells. During the first two weeks, reddishness is normal due to increased blood circulation as a result of the treatment program.

Q: What Skin Reactions will I expect after using DR Secret and what should I do?

Depending on your skin condition, you will experience different reactions due to the removal of dead skin cells from underneath the skin is revealed on the surface area. Do continue application during this process.

Red Burning Sensation Increased blood flow to the face due to stimulation of Vitamin A. This helps to build healthy new cells. The red burning sensation is common during the 1st month, thereafter; it will fade away gradually. If the skin becomes too red, discontinue application for a few days till it becomes normal again.
Prickling Sensation This occurs when the liquid penetrates into your epidermis layer. Cool your face by blowing it with a fan. This will reduce the prickling sensation.
Puffy Skin As cell metabolism increases, old cells are pushed to the surface of the epidermis layer, resulting in puffy looking skin. During the day, apply DR’s Secret Moisturizer and DR’s Secret Sunscreen to reduce puffyness.
Skin Flaking Skin flakes off due to cell regeneration.

Dry skin: 1st Week

Normal Skin: 2nd week

Oily skin: 3rd week

When cleansing your face, gently remove the skin flakes with water – never attempt to peel them off forcefully
Itchiness Itchiness occurs when the upper layer is flaking off or when eruption occurs on the skin Gently pat on the area with the back of your hand. Never scratch. If the itchiness is unrelenting, apply Moisturizer to soothe it
More Pimples or Pus When skin cells are exfoliating, impurities are pushed out to the surface of the skin Wash with Cleanser to remove impurities and apply Pimple Serum at night.
Darkening of Pigmentation When dead cells are removed, the inner pigment layer will surface naturally. Skin will adjust itself to normal state when the pigmentation sheds off. Apply additional layer of Skinlight and Skinrecon on pigment areas to increase the metabolism of melanocyte


Q. How long does it take to see results?

After using DR’s Secret (1 set) for around 30  – 90 days, there might be up to 50% improvement in your skin. When you complete 2 sets of DR’s Secret, there is could be up to 80% improvement in your skin. For those who are over 30 years of age or have serious skin condition, we recommend continuous usage to maintain your desired complexion.

Our skin cells renew daily, and it is important to have a good skin care regime to maintain your complexion. It is important to use at bare minimum: Cleanser (day and night cleansing) and Sunscreen (for sun protection).

Q: I have sensitive skin, can i use DR. Secret?

A: Yes, you can use DR’s Secret. It is made from natural ingredients and it is suitable for all skin types. To test if your skin will have any allergic reactions to DR Secret, simply dab a drop of the formulation behind your palm. After 2 minutes, if there is no reddish or itchiness or allergy reactions, it is safe to use on your face. This is recommended for all cosmetic products that you use for sensitive skin type.

Q: I have been using DR Secret for two weeks and i am experiencing reddish spots… help!

A: In the initial stages of applying DR Secret, the impurities and dead skin cells are being pushed out of the skin from within, allowing new skin cells to grow. The reactions will last for approximately a month, do apply T3 Skinlight (more: faster reactions less: slower reaction) at the mean time.


Q. Can I apply DR Secret around or near eye area?

It is advisable to avoid applying at the corners of your eyes, nose and mouth as the skin in these areas are thinner and may peel off easily. We would recommend to apply DR Secret Eye Cream for areas around the eye area.

Q. Why is it not advisable to use make-up when using DR’s Secret?

Make up contains chemical substances that might harm the skin. Substances like wax and oil in cosmetics will slow down the process of re-construction and re-conditioning. It is advisable to apply a layer of Sunscreen over the skin to prevent make up from seeping into the skin.

It is recommended to apply a layer of Sunscreen, before applying make up, for best results.

Q: I got to know about Dr Secret’s skincare from a friend and colleague. i noticed that for a woman who is in her Mid 40’s, her skin was exceptionally dewy and moist, fair and unblemished. There was no sign of freckles or blemishes expected of a woman in her mid 40’s. She told me that she is using Dr Secret’s skincare. I would like to know more.

A: From your friend’s complexion, she has probably been using DR’s Secret for a couple of years. She looks younger her age as DR’s Secret contains anti aging ingredients. As it works from within, it brings out her skin’s natural glow.

Our skin is covered by dead skin cells and other impurities on the surface layer. By removing the impurities, the skin appears radiant, smooth and fair. To maintain the skin, we have to nourish it with vitamins and minerals (like watering a plant for example).

Q: Which DR Secret skin care series is good for firming and lifting of the skin? Does it also help in pitted holes and scars?

DR’s Secret T Series can firm and lift the skin by treating uneven skin tone. For enlarged pores, Skinlight T3 and Skinrecon T4 work together to helps to close the pores over time, but it will take ( 3 – 6 months ) to see the effects. We would also recommend DR’s Secret Refining Serum to Shrink Enlarged Pores.

Q: Can DR Secret be used during pregnancy?

DR Secret can be used during pregnancy as it is an external skin care product. However, please consult your doctor for advice as well.


Disclaimer: DR Secret Products are not intended to cure or treat existing medical conditions. We are not liable for the advice given. Please see your doctor if you have skin medical problems for appropriate treatment. DRs Secret is NOT recommended for eczema skin, psoriasis, silicon implant on face. Stop usage if you experience allergic reactions.

  • The views expressed here are by an independent distributor ( and not the official website.


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